The Premier Sales & Marketing Team For Select Asset Managers

MyFunds Office distributes funds to new channels and builds AUM for our clients economically. To this end, we develop the marketing strategies of asset managers to best match each geo-specific region and distribution channel. We develop sales tools and resources to be more effective and efficient, and we communicate asset managers’ unique offerings intelligently to our proprietary database of institutional and intermediary investors. By outsourcing your sales and marketing team to MyFunds Office, we allow you to be more efficient, reduce risk, and focus on optimized opportunity.

My Funds

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    MyFunds Office provides superior quality financial products with high value add to our end customers. With our own in-house analysts and qualifying procedure, we only represent products we are confident to stand behind. We bring our financial expertise to our partners in identifying new products that maximize performance while maintaining the risk profile of the clients.

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    Our team consists of high-quality sales and marketing professionals, financial analysts, and leaders with strong academic backgrounds who are committed to matching our asset managers with the right investors. We work as a team to help the asset managers and investors achieve their end goals efficiently and effectively.


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    We build and maintain long-term trusted relationships with investors and asset managers. Our only condition for continuing to represent an asset manager is that they maintain their capacity to generate added value for our investors. Investors’ and asset managers’ trust in MyFunds Office extends not only within the last 10 years of our firm, but also in the career-long relationships with our team members.

My Funds & you


MyFunds Office guides and supports independent financial advisors in their fund selections. We offer & present financial products that follow long-term emerging trends, aiming to optimize your performance while maintaining your risk profile.


We offer you targeted meetings with different experienced asset managers implementing innovative and new approaches, offering high added value, and complete transparency.


We offer you a dedicated sales, marketing, translation, and financial analyst team available 7 days per week to provide complete transparency during the sales process. We provide weekly and monthly reporting, as well as regular meetings and conference calls to help your asset managers better understand each market and strategy.


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