A MyFunds Office partnership enables you to outsource your sales and marketing activity with confidence. MyFunds Office carefully selects the asset managers we represent to ensure we are able to meet the business development objectives of each asset manager, while also delivering high-quality return to our investment partners.

MyFunds Office develops the marketing strategies, sales tools and resources to be more effective and efficient in each region and sector. By outsourcing your sales and marketing team to MyFunds Office, we allow you to be more efficient, reduce risk, and focus on optimized opportunity.

MyFunds Office ensures your visibility and provides you with the competitive edge. Increase your company’s operational efficiency today by streamlining your time and resources with the trusted professionals at MyFunds Office.

MyFunds Office standards

Our activity

MyFunds Office develops business strategy of the Asset Managers it represents, outsources their sales force and designs their marketing tools and communication.

This outsourcing reduces structural costs incurred today, diversifies your customer base and supports your expansion.

MyFunds Office provides visibility and real-time responses to events in financial markets. Our offer improves the business strategy and reduces the involvement in the sales process.


MyFunds Office distributes investment products to:

  • Institutional investors (insurance, pension fund, funds of funds, …)
  • IFAs (Independent Financial Advisors)
  • Third party managers
  • Private bankers and Family Offices
  • Platforms, insurance and banking (with a monitoring of the activity of distribution platforms)


MyFunds Office offers:

  • A comprehensive strategy: we establish an action plan for the asset managers in accordance with an annual development plan
  • Pricing policy: Set up a table with Management Fees regarding the type of prospects
  • Distribution: direct access (with MyFunds’ sales force)
  • Relationship Management with distributors, platforms partners, associations
  • Direct marketing
  • Visibility and Communication plans
  • Advise the Asset Manager with UCITS IV passport (European)